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Dr Ford to participate at the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) Scientific Seminar

Dr Timothy Ford will be participating as a panalist and Scientifc poster judge at the Annual ACFAS meeting in Orlando FLA this February 2014.

Amniotic Membrane heals wounds

A current study by Dr Ford and the Podiatric Residency Program @ UL/Jewish Hospital (KentuckyOne Health). In this study freeze dried amniotic membrane is being utilized in surgical and traumatic wounds. Initial findings are promising with faster wound healing times seen with less inflammation and scar contracture noted.

Dr Ford completes his term on The Council on Podiatric Medical Education

Since 2004 Dr Ford has served on the Council on Podiatric Medical Education (CPME). The Council is the professions Approval Body for all Residency and Fellowship Programs and for Continuing Medical Education. It is also the Accrediting Body for all Colleges of Podiatric Medicine. 

On October 20th, 2013 Dr Ford finished his elected terms on the Council. Dr Ford was the Chairman of the Residency Review Committee from 2006-20011 and was the Chairman of CPME from 2011-2013.

Dr Ford Publishes report of Metastatic Bone Cancer of the Foot

The Recent Journal of the the American Podiatric Medical Association has published a report by Dr Ford and his residents regaridng  Metastatic Bone Cancer of the Foot.  (J.Am Podiatr. Med Assoc. 103(4): 340-343, 2013.)

The report discusses the importance of paying close attention to the details of the history andf physical examination and performing appropriate tests and obtaininf appropriate referrals.


American Podiatric Medical Association National Scientific Meeting

Dr Ford was at the APMA Naltional meeting ( Las vegas, NV) this past week representing the Council on Podiatric Medical Education as well as the Director of Podiatric Medical Training at Jewish Hospital and the University of Louisville. Dr Ford presented his finding of Human Amnion Tissue Allogaft in Foot Surgery.


Increase office hours at the Univeristy of Louisville

I am please to add additional office hours at our Univerity of Louisville Academic Office located at 401 East Chestnut Street, Suite 240. Appointments can be made on line at our website or by phone at 502-897-1616!

New Fellow Starts

 Our new Fellow has arrived and her name I'd Rachel Jung, DPM.Dr Jung comes to us from The Western Peensylvannia Hospital in Pittsburgh PA. Her Fellowship is in Reconstructive Foot/Ankle Surgery & Diabetic Limb Salvage/Preservation. She also will be involved in out Programs research studies both at Jewish Hospital and the University of Louisville!  She is a welcome addition to our "team" and is looking forward to this opportunity. ..........Dr Ford

American Podiatric Medical Association Annual Scientific Meeting

 I have just returned from the APMA annual scientific meeting in Washington DC!  I had plenty of speaking engagements as the current Chairman of the Council on Podiatric Medical Education. From medical students to residency directors I had the opportunity to discuss with these groups the most up to date information relating to both residency shortage and current residency standards and requirements. ........Dr Ford

Poster exhibits at the ACFAS March 2012 meeting

 I am happy to announce that our residency program has 9 scientific posters accepted to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons annual scientific seminar this March. With the assistance of our Fellow, Dr Adrianne Ross, we continue to provide much needed research in the field of foot and ankle medicine!