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Heel Pain Epidemic Afflicts Weekend Atheletes

American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons Offers Prevention/Treatment Tips

Louisville, KY -- Heel pain among weekend sports participants, runners and those beginning exercise programs is reaching epidemic proportions. ȊїeԲe seeing a lot of heel pain these days, and much of it can be traced to preventable causes, such as stress from excessive athletic activity and poorly designed footwear, says Dr. Timothy Ford, Chief of Podiatry at the University of Louisville.

According to Dr Ford, if an athletic shoe bends in the middle, it may not provide the required stability and protection against heel pain. єhe shoe should bend in the area in which the toes bend and not at the arch, he said. Heel pain is a very common overuse sport injury and weekend athletes should wear well designed athletic shoes specific for the shape of their feet. Ford added that that when heel pain occurs, it's best to decrease and sometimes eliminate strenuous athletic activity until the pain subsides and seek treatment if symptoms persist.

It is estimated that 15 percent of all adult foot complaints involve plantar fasciitis, the type of heel pain caused by chronic inflammation of the connective tissue extending from the heel bone to the toes.Ƀonservative treatment is effective in most cases and surgery, such as plantar fascia release or removal of heel spurs, often is the best option in severe and persistent cases. A new technology known as Platelet Derived Growth Factor Injection has found good to excellent results without surgery in patients suffering from this condition greater than 6 months and where conservative care has failed.

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